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  • May/12/2011

In the county of West Palm Beach exercise, we demonstrate the system to WPB Dept. of Emergency Management and companies.

  • July/29/2010

In Miami-Dade company exercises, over 50 company attendees are operating our systems for training exercise. Evaluation is conducted during the exercise and the feedback is good.

  • May/10/2010

In Miami-Dade Dept. of Emergency Management’s Statewide Hurricane Exercise, our systems are responsible for disseminating and responding to injects during the course of the exercise used by both government and company users.

  • Aug/20/2009

In a full-scale company training of BCIN where about 30 companies participated, companies were given injects to provide information to resolve different information requests.

  • Jun/29/2009

In Miami-Dade UASI exercise, BCIN was the tool responsible for communication and collaboration with several companies that participated in the event as observers.

  • Jun/01/2009

In Florida Dept. of Emergency Management’s Statewide Hurricane Exercises, BCIN was utilized in a scenario where Miami-Dade County Emergency Management Business Recovery Desk facilitated the logistics to deploy portable ATMs at Shelters and PODs in Miami-Dade County.