How It Works

  1. Prepare Your Company: BCIN is a community of businesses, organizations that serve businesses, and government agencies. It enables you to leverage community resources to make your business more resilient to disaster and helps you quickly recover from a disaster event.
    1. Join and build your network: Please follow this link to register for an account.
    2. Make a plan: If your company doesn’t have a business continuity plan, the resources on the site can help you create one. There are lots of great educational and training resources we recommend. BCIN will keep you informed about business continuity events, training, community exercises and other activities that can help you refine your business’s continuity plan and to enhance the readiness and capacity of your business.
  2. Put your plan into action: Before a disaster event, use BCIN to connect your key employees and decision makers. When disaster strikes, BCIN helps your company stay connected, share critical reports about your facilities, track the status of companies you depend on, and monitor the condition of the community where your business operates.
    1. Track disaster event and recovery progress: BCIN provide tools such as its Situation Dashboard and Event Timeline that allow you to monitor the status of over 25 categories of information relevant to your business operations. This enables you to better understand what your county is doing to prepare for a disaster and how it is pursuing the recovery effort.
    2. Reconnect and share: BCIN becomes a gathering place after a disaster event. You can use it to share information within your company, with the county, or with the community. BCIN’s simple reporting tools help you to execute your continuity plan and to organize your recovery. A mobile interface allows you to make those reports on the go and to stay informed about rapidly changing conditions and contact information.
    3. Find resources and announce availability: Let BCIN know what recovery resources you need and the system will help you find them locally. BCIN informs you about assistance programs that federal, state, and county governments as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) make available to help your business recover from disaster. BCIN lets you announce your company’s product and service availability.
  3. Grow your Network: BCIN provides you with information about businesses in your community and enables you to build business connections before and after an event. These connections can lead to new partnerships, suppliers, and customers. Getting your business back up and running quickly is a key to its survival. The more connections you make, the more resources you can leverage after an event. These connections can help you get open and stay open.