Frequently Asked Questions

This looks interesting but how does BCIN help my company?
If power and communications are not available at my company, home, or in my community how am I going to be able to access BCIN?
Why should businesses and government work together on recovery? Isn’t FEMA, the State, and my local government going to restore the community?
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When will the service be available in a county that I am interested in?
The service is running in a county where I have business interests, when will I be able to join the network?
Are FIU or the participating counties charging for access to the network?
Is BCIN available only after a disaster?
Do you offer a way to access the system from a cell phone?
Who enters the reports that are shared in BCIN?
Who from my company can submit reports to the network?
How frequently can I update my company’s status or resources?
If I enter a report into the system who will see it?


Do you plan to allow companies to advertise on the network?
Why would my company be interested in becoming a Strategic Partner?